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Capital Introduction

In today's rapidly changing global economy, opportunities are abundant but time is the universal constraint. The next revolutionary idea or innovative business builder could come from anywhere in the world.  Hungry, visionary, and impassioned entrepreneurs need capital for their dreams to have the chance to become reality.


Bright Minds Capital can help entrepreneurs quickly find suitable funding whether that comes from venture capital, private equity, corporations, family offices, or professional investors.  As your trusted financial advisor, we are there to provide objective advice and value-added assistance every step of the way.  What's more, we will also be your strategist, business confidant, relationship connector, and cheerleader.  In summary, we are completely dedicated to and invested in your success.  


Private Placement

Investors, private or public, individual or institutional, are united in their quest to make investments in promising new ventures that generate a healthy return, diversify their geographical exposure, and perhaps even change the world.  Where can they find and buy a piece of the next great business enterprise?

Bright Minds Capital has our unique sourcing channels to identify, negotiate, and secure investments in much sought-after, high potential startups in China and the United States (Silicon Valley in particular).  Leveraging our expansive professional and personal network, we will provide our clients with differentiated access to innovative and financially rewarding investment opportunities on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.


Asset Advisory

Investing in start-ups requires intensive due-diligence to be performed by the investor to ensure the soundness, scalability and sustainability of an entrepreneur's business model. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that with the emergence of entrepreneurship also comes the growth of professional capital allocators and specialty investors.

Bright Minds Capital has worked with investors from different segments including sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations, pension funds, outsourced CIOs, multi-family offices, fund of funds, investment advisors, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals to understand their collective and individual interest and appetite for venture capital and private equity funds.  We are passionate about helping to serve and develop these professionals into "best of breed" specialty managers.

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